and the rotten-sabzi award for subtitles goes to….

F.A.L.T.U  this year. I was just watching this movie, which is based on the ridiculous premise that you can build your own college in two days, if you want to. All it takes is five people and a bucket of paint. I mean, I can understand where this movie is coming from. In India in order to get admission to a good college you need to have stellar grades and everything below goes back to farming… or what.

I enjoyed seeing a movie being made for all those kids who didn’t make the cut and get probably suicidal over it.  Life isn’t over if you don’t get accepted into a good school.  As a matter of fact, it can make you stronger. That’s the message of the movie and it’s a bloody good one.  But if you have to rely on subtitles, like I do, then this movie becomes a laugh-fest. So, I am URGING the Bollywood movie industry to work on their subtitles when they export their movies to foreign lands. Please, please.. Have Mercy!!!

Subtitles have been a constant source of sorrow (and amusement) ever since I started watching Bollywood movies. Heck, I even started painfully to learn Hindi on my own, just to be less reliant on the art of bad translation. Unfortunately people talk so fast in movies that with my knowledge of hello and goodbye, what time is it, which way is it to the airport? I can’t follow a thing!! except for picking up individual words like dil, pyar referring to heart and emotion and dhanyavad,  I still cling to every subtitle syllable.

Now. I got used to the bad quality of these subtitles and it’s over-ridden by my unstoppable passion for Bollywood but when I take my American friends to get a taste of Indian movies I sometimes crouch deep down into my seat out of embarrassment.  How can an industry spend so much money on a movie and come up short with something so minuscule as getting subtitles straightened out…

Here is another thing:  Trailers aren’t subtitled. Ever.  People who don’t know Hindi have no clue what the movie is all about and are tapping in the dark until they go and actually see it, which they might not –  in the fear that there may not be any subtitles… :-) This is what happened to me when I went for the first time to the theater. I asked the manager if the movie had subtitles because the trailer didn’t have any…


One thought on “and the rotten-sabzi award for subtitles goes to….

  1. Thank you for bringing this up! When I wrote my review on Ra.One, I wanted to include a trailer with subtitles for my readers to enjoy. Unfortunately I had to include the Ra.One trailer that didn’t have any dialogue but at least had English titles.

    I’ve come to rely on fansub communities myself when I’m in need of good quality subtitles. They could consider hiring some of these people instead!

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