sometimes it’s a song,a dance you want to revisit…

Bollywood excels in this technique, songs and dances woven masterfully into the narrative a lot of times or occasionally integrated randomly.  Americans,  biased against Bollywood movies because of  these musical intervals  are just  jealous, I figure,  and come up with attempts like  Glee to showcase music and dance, which is obviously celebrating a comeback. I guess the makers and shakers in Hollywood see Indians having so much fun and a thriving industry, why not bring music back to the screen?  40Yr Old Virgin got a little uplifting Aquarius dance from Hair as an appendix.  Slumdog Millionaires, often erroneously attributed to Bollywood (it’s an English production) has an add-on tribute to Bollywood, a dance sequence that lit up the whole movie theater.

Initially I too was heavily prejudiced against singing and dancing in movies. I recall the times that I fast-forwarded my DVD rentals as soon as a song hit and I still do it on occasion, but more often than not I ravel in the musical sequences..  They range from ultra-modern like the clip above from Players to the very old-fashioned, films reflecting bygone eras like Umrao Jaan.

from Umrao Jaan, with Abhishek and his beautiful wife Aishwarya.  He must have fallen in love with her on this set..

thank you Youtube. thank you Eros for letting me post clips.. I could spend my whole weekend revisiting Bollywood songs. But now I gotta go.


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