Agneepath, mark Jan 26th on your calendar!


because here comes Agneepath!  a story of vendetta and probably love. It’s a remake of a 60s movie with Amitabh Bachchan but it comes with star-power of its own.

Hrithik Roshan looks buff and brooding in this new trailer, flexing his muscles preparing us for a tidal wave of emotion. Of course, I hope, as it is sometimes with these darn trailers that look so good, the whole movie then won’t collapse like an under-cooked souffle. But I mean, what can go wrong with a beautifully menacing Sanjay Dutt who sends you chills over your spine and seductive Priyanka Chopra who, when she smiles, looks like a kiss of spring..and I bet, smells like one.

Okay, this is what CAN go wrong:  Karan Johar is a master of creating color-coordinated sets. There will not be one thing out of place but he has a way of ruining close- to- perfection movies with some unexpectedly cheesy moments, and/or cheesy dialogues. And THAT the trailer won’t show. Karan Malhotra even though a first-time director,  he has got plenty of experience,  good films he worked on in the past as assistant director. So now I am curious to see him at work, his vision.If he figured out what did NOT work in My Name is Khan, then this Agneepath could become his golden ticket.

What makes me so happy is to see Hrithik re-emerge  from a series of flops with full power ahead.  He is a wonderful actor and if Agneepath will be a success he’ll be on top of the Bollywood world, cuz that’s where he belongs.



2 thoughts on “Agneepath, mark Jan 26th on your calendar!

  1. Oh my gosh this looks amazing by the look of the trailer!

    Is it just me or does Hrithik Roshan seem to inspire some serious chemistry between himself and his co-stars. I’ll never forget that dramatic scene between Hrithik and Aishwarya Rai before their on-screen kiss in Dhoom 2. He is absolutely sizzling with Priyanka Chopra.

    I’m excited about the cast as well as the behind the scenes directors and writers and I have to say I’m really excited to see this movie!

    I’m with you on the cheesiness though, Karan Johar is SO BAD for that.

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