The phenomenal Salman Khan


Sallu, as they call him affectionately in India , is somewhat a relic of an era that is slowly fading out of focus and yet, at the same time represents Bollywood in its glittery, shiny glory.

In the same age group as the other two of the three King Khans (Sallu, Aamir & Srk), who have been ruling the screen for the last quarter century,  Sallu, has perhaps been the most controversial. His private life as flamboyant as his on-screen persona, he has been linked to scandal after scandal AND HE SURVIVED!  Ok, for a while he was pronounced dead, just about at the time when I started watching Bollywood movies, but then he came out with a huge BADABANG! and there he was again with a huge box office success WANTED in the role of Radhe, which put him right back on the throne..

Actually, he started slowly pushing Srk and Aamir out of the limelight, when he followed up in quick succession with three more movies





and VEER.

Even though quality seemed to be overridden momentarily by quantity, it didn’t take Sallu too long to do the math. Why did Wanted work and the others not so? Wanted had a hero pretty much resembling him, rough on the outside, soft on the inside. A manly man, who twists  laws and morals according to his own gusto and necessity, thus his character Chulbul Pandey was born, the  HUMANELY corrupt police officer in DABANGG. This movie turned into GOLD at the boxoffice and he bagged three awards, among others Best Film at the prestigous Filmfare awards.


The ride didn’t end there. Dabangg was soon followed by BODYGUARD and READY. And there is no stopping Sallu. DABANGG 2  is already baking in the oven. A true hero never stops for gas… Sallu is going strong and I can’t wait for his next big adventure.

Salman Khan is truly larger than life. He knows how to connect with the highly diversified audiences in India, equally loved by sophisticated urbanites  and farm-hands alike. In India he is considered by some a beloved folk hero, one  who might have his  mistakes but,  aren’t we all human…




3 thoughts on “The phenomenal Salman Khan

  1. I didn’t know all three Khan are my age… except I’m “older” than SRK (and Sallu, apparently), so they’d never consider me, because Indian men don’t look at “older” women (even if I’m older for two weeks – or 2 months in the case of SRK)! :-(
    Just kidding, I wasn’t looking for a Bollywood husband! :-D

    • haha, Akki used to date Rekha, I read…. never say never. but in general that’s true. come to think of it, I’ve had younger Indian men hit on me. it never got to the next stage,though, so i don’t know… hehe. they might have made a uturn :-)

      • well, I’m not as beautiful as Rekha (whom I noticed in Mira Nair’s Kamasutra a long time ago)… and the “guy” that told me that is a ghost – wonders of online bloggers – and has disappeared since… maybe he’s really dead this time!
        Anyway, my fave of the 3 is already married, so… ;-)

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