Tum Ho

Not that RANBIR KAPOOR wasn’t a star before, but ROCKSTAR  illustrated his whole range and what he is capable of.  I shamefully admit that I owe him an apology for harboring thoughts like”I don’t know what they like so much about this guy..”  for the longest time I carried a  slightly anti-Ranbir sentiment.  and when my buddies on the Imdb, Indian Cinema Board, would praise him, I just couldn’t follow them and decided they made too much fuzz about nothing. All of that changed seeing him in this heart-wrenching performance. Rockstar is not only a great movie with elements of the legendary Love Story and for that every heartbreak story mankind has seen and suffered through, it has an incredibly strong  soundtrack, which accentuates the drama enfolding.


……..Ranbir Kapoor is Janardan Jakhar, a middle-class kid from Delhi’s Pitampura, who sets himself up to get his heart broken when he’s told he can’t be a great musician until he’s suffered great pain. Janardhan goes from a desperate struggler strumming his guitar at campus hangout spots, to an angsty star, now rechristened Jordan, who’s prone to violent outbursts. Indeed it’s love and pain itself that inspires this journey. His heart beats for the unattainable Heer (Nargis Fakhri), the gorgeous Kashmiri girl he befriended while in college, who is now married in Prague.

Despite several hiccups, especially in the film’s post-intermission portions, ‘Rockstar’ is an admirable effort if only for how unconventionally director Imtiaz Ali tells this tale of great passion. The romance at the core of this film is a complex one, and the film offers no easy answers. Watch how Heer comes alive each time she’s in Jordan’s presence, whereas when he’s without her his longing prompts his best music out of him……Rajeev Masand  (

Kun Fayakun

If I had any objection at all it would be the early part, the somewhat rocky transition from ultra-naive to suave Ranbir’s character Janadar/Jordan is going through at the speed of light.  People never change that drastically.

A.R.RAHMAN’s soundtrack is divine.

Kudos to IMTIAZ ALI  for writing this beautiful script and making such a wonderful  movie.






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