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official trailer

I love directorial debuts. They are fresh. They bring something new to the table. It’s already evident from the trailer. I am looking fwd to this movie.  I am X-ited.


The film, by Fox Star Studios and Rose Movies, mirrors the 3 stages of love across countries, and also marks the directorial debut of Anu Menon. The film will also be the debut for Ali Zafar as a music composer. Referring to the music, the actor-singer said, “I wanted to create sounds that are fresh and since the film touches on different emotions I could experiment with genres. There are many ‘live’ instruments used to give the songs an organic feel. It’s not going to be conventional.”

Vijay Singh, CEO Fox Star Studios India added, “This coming-of-age comedy is a project that we are very excited about… it’s a step towards bringing something different to the romantic-comedy palette that will appeal to the youth. It speaks their language, reflects their aspirations and the angst and joys of falling in love. The music of the film is very special and will appeal to the heartbeat of the youth.”






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