No dibbs to bikini: Sonam Kapoor




Can we give the poor girl a break here?  why will people bother her about it? would you want to walk around in a bikini with a whole nation watching? I feel bad for these actresses who are made to strip down their clothes to a bare minimum so that guys come to see the movie.  I don’t think it’s necessary. We loved Juhi fully dressed, Kajol fully dressed, Rekha fully dressed.  This  new bikini mania in Bollywood is beyond me. The worst part is that girls like Sonam or Anushka Sharma (who has recently dropped a lot of weight, unfortunately) start feeling bad about themselves, and aren’t they most beautiful as is?  Kareena did herself a great disfavor when she gave into the bikini fad.  Sonam shouldn’t have to justify why she doesn’t want to wear a bikini.  I bet as we are speaking she is being approached by hordes of personal trainers  who will want to help her get over her “insecurities” and then the directors will push it, until  poor Sonam starts breaking down. Even if you have the perfect body, maybe you still choose to keep it under locks and in the family :-) how about that? That’s not an option?  So, I like the fact that Sonam stands strong. Not only on this issue, by the way. She is very outspoken and I like that about her.  I read that she was saying “Mausam”,  the movie Shahid Kapoor and her both star in, doesn’t appeal to the youth. And why shouldn’t she say that? It’s her opinion and I happen to agree with her. It’s a nice movie but definitely for a more mature audience, tad old-fashioned. And that’s okay, too. Pourquoi pas?

Being honest in interviews is a virtue. Sometimes you realize you need a lot of strength to stand by your words. They happen to backfire, to sensationalize, and all for sudden you stand amidst crowds of photographers and journalists who want to pin you down and keep harking away on the same issues. “is it true that you said..”

I want to tell her, Sonam don’t worry, carry on with your acting , with saying what’s on your mind. It’s refreshing.  Be comfortable with who you are. You are an exquisitely elegant dresser and you know what looks good on you. You are a Knock-Out, Gurl!  Don’t change.




Sonam Kapoor refuses to wear a bikini

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, during the launch of Confessions of a Serial Dieter by Kalli Purie said that she will never wear a bikini on-screen since she is not confident of her body.Sonam Kapoor has admitted many a time on several occasions that she doesn’t have the best body in the industry. According to Sonam, she looks good only because of the clothes she puts on.

The 26-year-old actress, who is known for her sartorial choices, said that it’s the clothes which make her body look good as she is still a fat girl inside despite appearing thin. “I don’t have the best body… I have loose skin. I look good because of the clothes I wear. I choose my clothes very carefully, which make me look thin and perfectly fit my body,” Sonam told PTI.

Sonam Kapoor said that though she does a lot of exercise and maintains a strict diet regime, she sticks to certain types and colours of clothes. The actress, who had previously said she will be donning a bikini for the first time in an upcoming untitled project, however, said she will never wear a bikini on-screen as she is not confident about her body.

“I will never wear a bikini on-screen because I am not confident enough. I know that I will not look good. I am not comfortable in showing off my body. I may look thin but inside I am still a fat girl,” Sonam added. The Delhi 6 star, who was last seen in multi-starrer Players opposite Abhishek Bachchan, has battled weight issues before stepping into Bollywood.

“It’s because of my work I am determined to stay in shape. In my profession there is a constant demand to look good with people watching you all the time. It’s my job to look good as there are people investing money in me. It’s also that I love clothes a lot and I just want to fit into them and so I try and maintain my body.”


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