Dhanush signed for a Bollywood film

I was wondering how long it would take after Kolaveri Di stormed the nation. I think India is still baffled by the Viral Effect it had. Kolaveri Di spread last year like the SuperFlu, an epidemic of unseen proportion. Overwhelming and Omnipresent. I don’t know what was more amazing…  the fact that it was supposed to be a spook of a song, something not to be taken too seriously or the tsunami it created on the Internet.  If you haven’t heard it, this is the wildfire song: (careful, highly contagious! :-))





By the way, just like a rogue wave, the way it came, it disappeared without a trace. Wrong. One trace:  in the near future the uber-charming Dhanush will smile at us  from the big screen. Let’s see if he can make his song last!







Dhanush signs first Hindi film Raanjhnaa

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 (Mumbai)

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Tamil actor Dhanush, who became an overnight success across the nation thanks to Why This Kolaveri Di, the extempore song written and sung by him, has signed his first Bollywood project Raanjhnaa.

The movie will be directed by Aanand L.Rai of Tanu Weds Manu fame. He says he chose Dhanush for his simplicity.

“For the past six months, I’ve been looking for a simple boy to play the lead in ‘Raanjhnaa’. My requirement was a man who could look vulnerable on screen. When I saw Dhanush in the Tamil film Aadukalam, I liked him immediately. He looks very ordinary and honest, and that was the demand of the character,” Rai said in a press statement.

If the grapevine is to be believed, the director had approached him for the movie before the success of Kolaveri di, from the upcoming Tamil film 3, directed by wife Aishwarya.

Dhanush, who is Tamil superstar Rajinikanth’s son-in-law, is not too well versed with Hindi. But it won’t be a barrier for his Bollywood career as he is keen to explore the industry and learn the local language and culture.

“It’s a big deal to get a launch like this at the beginning of my career here. Aanand’s script is different from regular cinema; it’s one of those ‘made to make a difference’ kind of films,” said Dhanush.

“The film is an intense love story. Just like my film Tanu Weds Manu, the film and its characters will take you to Delhi, Punjab, Chennai,” said Rai.

Both Dhanush and Rai recently visited Benaras for the film.

The actor is also perhaps planning to hire a coach to learn Hindi. He is convinced that by the time the film’s shoot gets over, he will be able to communicate fluently in Hindi, which will open more avenues for him.

Read more at: http://movies.ndtv.com/movie_story.aspx?keyword=bollywood&ID=ENTEN20120193031&subcatg=MOVIESINDIA&nid=169963&cp


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