want to get out of your engagement elegantly? call the Jodi Breakers

Jodi  means couple or partner. I guess somebody discovered a niche in this movie for a company of sorts that breaks up engagements?  So that sounds like a fun premise for a  Bollywood rom com.  And I am not going to miss this:



It helps to see a radiant Bipasha Basu lighting up the screen with her million dollar smile.  And personally, I love Madhavan. He’s the kind of guy you want around if an asteroid hits next door, or your basement floods. If you get stranded on a Pacific island and begin to panic, Madhavan will be the guy to calm you down. He’s so personable and also the last Bollywood hero with love handles. He’s not rushing to the gym to work on some six packs so he can become an action hero.  I LIKE THAT ABOUT HIM.  He’s real. He’s down to earth. He’s the kind of guy your mom wants you to marry.  The pink glasses in the trailer, let me tell ya, is the kinkiest thing he’s  done in film. And I bet it wasn’t his idea.

Here is his mini bio at a glance and you’ll know what i mean…..     bio


I loved him in two movies and they are both excellent so you should check them out:

When Tanu Weds Manu.   it was a huge hit and I am not surprised they’re working on a sequel…



and the amazing film  A Peck on the Cheek / Kannathil Muthamittal


Bipasha Basu, luckily for us,  fainted dissecting a rat when she went for a science degree and after a few detours ended up in Bollywood. Since then she has been gracing many BW movies.  I loved her in  Madhur Bhandarkar’s  film Corporate.  She is a hottie, but she can play anything from hot to cold.




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