Agneepath is awesome, a desi Tarantino!



it felt like seeing one of those  Indian classics ON SPEED. I am not surprised Sanjay Dutt got scared when he watched himself!  He is a grandiose, GLORIOUS villain. Hollywood could only wish to have villains of that caliber! I also enjoyed Rishi Kapoor as supporting villain…

The movie is handsomely gory,  and for that reason probably a one time watch.  Hrithik is magnifique to watch! actually, you want to watch him in slow motion….over and over and over.  Karan must have had fun. I loved the picturization of Shah Ka Rupta,  couldn’t find a clip for it. but it will be available soon, I hope.  I love those all men dance sequences, a pleasant change.



And, btw,  I want to thank  Karan Johar or Malhotra for not using white background dancers for this movie. They always stick out like sour thumbs in an all-Indian cast.

Priyanka is stunning as always.  She is almost too pretty to be real.  Just the right amount of everything.  I loved her in this movie, she had the fresh scent of spring flowers, lighting up the screen with her beauty.



The scenes are  epic, colorful, energetic.You get drawn into the drama even though you might not always  follow motivations and intent.



This movie is a banquet laden to the rim with rich foods that will take three days to digest.  In the category of  Lady Gaga wearing her meaty dress…actually that’s exactly how I felt when the credits started rolling and I got out of my seat, come to think of it…  even though we went for Bengali sweets afterwards.



One thing I really didn’t understand.. please someone explain it to me. how can you carry Sanjay Dutt on your shoulders after you have been stabbed with a 12 inch  butcher knife  from the front, the back, sideways… into the liver, smashed to a pulp, hanged upside down. I mean Vijay must have been clinically dead by the time he gets hold of Kanchu to lift him up and hang him.  Second point, no one there from the village to give the man a hand? :-)

Stunning cinematography.  Highly recommendable.   But leave your kids at home.





4 thoughts on “Agneepath is awesome, a desi Tarantino!

  1. Great review!

    I totally called shenanigans on Vijay’s state at the end of the movie. Kancha stabbed him in the gut AND twisted the knife pulling it out. Yet, when Vijay is shirtless at the end, there’s just a cookie-sized red spot where he was stabbed, and his six pack abs are remarkably blood-free.

  2. What a nicely written review! You know what shines through? Your pure and simple love of movies, the bright sunny smile in your writing. This was the first time I’ve read you. Was a great read. Thanks for this.

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