Konkoma Sen Sharma’s rainbow colors



Do you miss her?  I am very happy to know she is embracing the wonderful experience of motherhood and it’s the most important role in a woman’s life, but I feel deprived.

Konkona Sen Sharma  is  a divine actress.  She is born for the screen.  She has a range of emotions that is unmatched, a rainbow of emotions.  I like this picture because it displays her cattiness, her playfulness, she is teasing you. But she can also break your heart, at least make it stop for a few moments.

Born in 1979  smash into a filmi family,  daughter of the incredibly talented and accomplished  actress/ director /writer  Aparna Sen, who I deeply admire, Konkona didn’t have to look far for the best possibly intro. As a matter of fact, her mother directed and wrote some of her most memorable and intriguing roles, Mr and Mrs Iyer, her break-0ut role and 15 Park Ave.

She is married to the  versatile actor Ranvir Shorey.  It assures that acting will certainly stay in the family.  Look at the baby now, you’ll probably see it again in 18 years on screen..





Konkona played in some of my favorite movies, off-beat, or parallel cinema, as it has been labeled. Page 3, Traffic Signal, Mixed Doubles, Life in a Metro, Luck by Chance, The President is Coming… all films you should absolutely watch and it will change your view on what Bollywood is all about.

Her filmography is impressive and I wouldn’t be surprised at all  if she started writing and directing, following the footsteps of her mom.




2011 7 Khoon Maaf
Nandini Kumar

2010 Mirch
Rani Lavni/Anita

2010 Right Yaaa Wrong
Radhika Patnaik

2009 Wake Up Sid
Aisha Banerjee

2009 Luck by Chance
Sona Mishra

2009 Meridian Lines

2008 Dil Kabaddi

2008 8
Zeinab (segment “How can it be ?”)

2007 Aaja Nachle
Anokhi Anokhelal

2007 Life in a Metro
Shruti Ghosh

2007 Traffic Signal

2006 Omkara

2006 Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota: What If…?
Tilottama Das Punj

2006 The Companion
Kaberi Chatterjee

2006 Mixed Doubles

2005 15 Park Avenue
Meethi (as Konkona Sensharma)

2005 Karkat Rashi (TV movie)
College girl

2005 Page 3
Madhvi Sharma

2005 Amu
Kaju “Amu”

2004 Chai Pani Etc.
Shanti/Radha Joshi

2002 Mr. and Mrs. Iyer
Meenakshi Iyer (as Konkona Sensharma)

2000 The Girl
Ria (as Konkona Sensharma)

1994 Amodini
Teenage stepmother (as Konkona Sensharma)

1989 Picnic (TV movie)
Daughter (as Konkona Sensharma)

1983 Indira













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