Does Bollywood appeal more to women?

It’s not that I have an answer. I am just putting out the question into cyberspace waiting for enlightenment.  Do Indian men enjoy your typical Bollywood story. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love first. then things start going wrong. Eventually all obstacles are overcome, feuding families reunited and then there is a wedding. I would say that comprises a good 65- 70% of all Bollywood movies.

Are women more attracted to the magic of falling in love, wanting to see it over and over in film… because either we are approaching that stage of marriageable age, or we are in it, or grown out of it, looking back nostalgically.. I am a sucker for romantic comedies and probably that won’t change until I die.  It’s only natural then that I found Bollywood or Bollywood found me. I always feel seriously insulted when somebody puts down Bollywood movies. Usually the harshest criticism comes from the testosterone high corner.

But afterwards, when I recoil introspectively, I can see things more clearly. I will never get tired of the predictable Boy Meets Girl sagas because I guess I am in love with love. It feels nice, warm and cozy. As much as I can appreciate a more complicated story, or a political drama like Raajneeti, a thriller like Johnny Gaddaar, I won’t watch those twice.

Romantic comedies like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge,  or Jab We Met, or Band Baaja Baarat, or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, I will re-watch ten times while hoping and waiting for the next one to hit the theaters soon. It’s because they make me feel good and positive about life. The tingling sensation of falling in love, I enjoy it even if it’s only on screen. My basement is packed with DVDs of good and very serious movies that I will never watch again. The romantic comedies always get lost fast because I start lending them to my girlie friends, who may not even watch them and or forget to return them. Eventually everyone forgets. Usually they pop up when it’s time to move to a new location and you get or make a phonecall “remember the DVD..”

I would really like to know how Indian men are feeling about Bollywood rom-coms.  Do they like them? Do they hate them?  hate them only outwardly, in front of friends, so they will not be labeled as nerds and sissies?  Do they consider them ridiculous and watch them only to see hot women in hot pants (or hot saris)?  do they go to the movies to pacify their wives, girlfriends? do they get as touched by the muse of love? are  men suckers for love and romance, as we are..

I still haven’t figured it out.




One thought on “Does Bollywood appeal more to women?

  1. no..i think the platter is huge and there is food for everybody..romance is with the ladies as everywhere(guys are the lukewarm converts – but r subject to bullying n pestering for romcoms)…plus u r awesome:)

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