Shirish Kunder who?

Let’s see what he is bringing to the table here, giving our Srk such grief, accusing the most gentle of gentlemen to have done what?  pulled his oily hair?… Shame on him. besides that he married INFLUENCE, I don’t see there is much to brag about. Jaan e Mann and Tees Maar Khan?

I need to know. Who is this Shirish Kunder?

12spec.htm  I say, this guy is pretty full of himself… I don’t think he will make too many friends in the industry if he keeps talking like he knows everything best.  especially given the results.  Tees Maar Khan sucked. (sorry Akki…cross my heart, luv you..)

Shirish Kunder Biography

He graduated as an electronics engineer from SDM College of Engineering and Technology, Dharwad, Karnataka and worked for Motorola. He later entered the film industry as an editor when he edited his first movie Champion (2001). He rose to popularity when he edited Farah Khan’s Main Hoon Na (2004). They got married on 9 December 2004. ….. I don’t want to be mean,  but  that’s really all I need to know :-)

now let’s pit that  for a moment against Srk’s achievements and status.  And what do we get?  a motive for stirring up trouble…. it’s generally called,  JEALOUSY  Hello…..  :-)

Whatever went down there at that party, Srk, dearest, we won’t know for sure, but I am on your side. And to Farah Khan I want to say… Love is beautiful but  could it be possibly blind?  just sayin….

Director(2 titles)

Hide HideProducer (2 titles)
2012 Joker (producer) (post-production)

2010 Tees Maar Khan(producer)

Hide HideWriter (2 titles)
2010 Tees Maar Khan(screenplay / story)

2006 Jaan-E-Mann: Let’s Fall in Love… Again (dialogue / screenplay / story)

and here is the whole Miss Malini Gossip link in its hour by hour glory:

miss malini’s timeline of the SRK/Kunder slapfest


so we hear they made up… Farah and Srk.  Let’s hope it’s genuine.  but once the third wheel is out of whack,  it will hard to keep the balance.

and that’s just my five cents to the shtick.  and yes, I don’t know anything about it.





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