Ek Kareena aur Ekk Imran

Ek Main aur Ekk Tu  promises to be a  mellow fun ride, with the eternally pretty Kareena Kapoor and ubercute Imran Khan. Coming from  Karan Johar’s  corner, it also promises to entertain us with a dash of sarcasm and  hint of cynicism, so subtle, though,   it could get lost in translation.



I hope this movie  will come with some surprising turns and with a happy ending, for a change. I am really curious to see how Kareena and Imran play off each other. It’s a novel combo. That’s always refreshing.

It’s kind of funny, how my first Bollywood converts  will point with their fingers for example at Katrina Kaif and then say “wasn’t she in…”  at Hrithik “wasn’t he in that movie we just saw. Hey weren’t they both in that movie you took me to..? Yups, the Bollywood gene pool might not be as grand and extended as Hollywood’s acting brood, but hey, we  Bollywoodies  can come up too with novel pairings like Kareena and Imran once in a while,  yaar…  Anyway, it will be fun. Pretty sure.



Shakun Batra wrote and directed this one. He worked as assistant director on Rock On! and Jaane tu… Ya Jaane Na,  so this is a big step for him career-wise. I hope it will be a success. I like to see first time directors burst with a boom onto the scene.  Bollywood needs to nourish a bunch of new talent and expand their repertoire. Audiences are getting more critical, which is good because it hones the skills of filmmakers and production houses.  A movie must have a good script, good actors, good director, good sountrack, good cinematographers. Until now Bollywood had a wide field to play with, ok, if the script wasn’t so good or the actors played over the top, didn’t  have that much importance. But now you have a new generation of well educated young people who have much higher demands. And they want quality movies, cuz if they pan a movie, and that goes viral fast, it’s a huge financial loss.  So I think Bollywood is moving towards a more interesting and more  professional cinema.

It’s happening, I think.  Original, well written scripts will become a true necessity. they won’t be optional anymore.   I hope Shakun Batra will join the club of  Promising New Directors. With Rock On! and Jaane Tu, even only as an Assistant Director, but  he’s got some experience to show for.




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