Happy Birthday, Junior Bachchan!

Isn’t he most handsome, our little Bachcha?   Born into the most privileged filmi family in Bollywood 36 years ago, he proved his daddy proud. Somehow this family, Big B, Mama B  Jaya, and kids (even if we hear little about his sister Shweta) and grandchildren represent everything we have seen in Indian films. This is a united and devoted family, headed by the almost archaic  patriarch Amitabh Bachchan.  I think this is what I love most about the Bachchans.  Amitabhji  is a very devout, spiritual man with tremendous clout based on his personality alone, forget the fame… There are lots of famous people around,but who can carry themselves with such dignity and grace! Being the son of such an authoritative figure is a job in itself, and I think Abhishek Bachchan does it beautifully. He gets criticized a lot because of his acting, but (me think :-p) those are people who nostalgically think about those classic movies his father did in his time. To be always compared to your father, I can imagine  that’s very difficult. So for years now Abhishek is giving  his very best to prove us wrong. And when you try so hard that’s often very counterproductive in this craft.  I loved him in Dostana when you could see he had lots of fun on the set and he was a NATURAL!  He played John Abraham against the wall, who is usually such an eye-grabber.

I didn’t start out as such, but over the years I became a big fan of Abhi.  You can see how hard he works on himself… if you just remember how clumsily he danced in his earlier films.  He is still not the best dancer but the improvement shows how hard he worked on it.


Actually, I am taking that statement back…. haha. I am trying in vain to find a clip to illustrate my point.  Hey, this is kind of cool right here.. but he dances pretty well here  :-)



Anyways, where was I…   Oh, even though I don’t remember the movie clearly but I thought he had a FANTASTIC chemistry with Preity Zinta in Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. And I’ll love this song forever.. and he looks so hot


I loved him in Delhi 6 – what a GREAT movie!!





it established that I like Abhishek best in comedies.


but I forgot Umrao Jaan where he ( probably) fell in love with his beautiful wife Aishwarya



How nice to know that these two got married and had  (the still unnamed) Beti B, born November 16th, 2011.   This is indeed a special birthday for Abhi, his first one as a father!

Keep the good traditions alive,  as a son and as a father. It’s so beautiful to see such a united and strong family!  It makes your heart melt.


Let us wish him all the happiness on earth!

Happy Birthday, Abhishek!  and good luck with Dostana 2!





(time to change that profile picture… )








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