Socha Na Tha

Just the other day I was re-watching for the nth time Socha Na Tha (2005) where sweet Ayesha  proves that she can turn into a fiery feisty fighterIf you haven’t seen the movie and have never heard of Ayesha Takia,  this is the time!  She turned me instantaneously into a super-fan of hers. Of course it helps the movie that she has an amazing chemistry with another favorite actor of mine, Abhay Deol –my manpasand Deol of Bollywood’s Deol dynasty.



Not the most sophisticated teaser, and couldn’t find a  trailer,  but the movie rocks.  It’s a fresh take on an old theme:  Shaadi=Marriage and Sweet Love vs Arranged. A lot of the beauty of the Indian culture transpires in this  soft-hearted romcom, which makes you feel for the characters, caught between stones and hard rocks, where endearing  Indian core values are clashing with a more modern sense of empowerment of India’s gen Y.  We know how it will end but it comes with surprising twists and turns. Ayesha and Abhay play off each other with grace and lots of fire.

Well written and directed by Imtiaz Ali. Great fun to watch.


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