Beti B’s name revealed on Oprah?


Wait a minute!  Should that be an Oprah moment?!!  That’s an internal affair!!   NRI at the most… :-)  I protest.  Even from my firaqi point of view.  Ok, the Bachchans took to Oprah, obviously.  Amithabhji drove her around personally. Who gets that honor… But shouldn’t be the long anticipated baby naming revelation shared in an auspicious bharathi manner instead of making it an Oprah spectacle? I am very disappointed somehow.  Can’t help it.  Me think: such an Oprah gimmick…All we need now is that she gifts the baby a Mercedes :-) That woman is such a marketing whiz. How in the world did she get them to agree to that?

Well, let’s hope for the best. Maybe it’s going to be nice. I can’t wait to hear what they named the sweet bundle of joy,  Beti B.

All considered, I think Beti B will stick to her anyway… at least for the next 10 to 20 years. We are so used to it now.  Oprah or not.


Beti B’s name will be revealed after grandpa Amitabh will be discharged from the hospital in a traditional naming ceremony. That’s so much nicer!

Beti B to get her name after grandpa Big B gets discharged

Aishwarya Rai-Big B

The Bachchan fans seem to have finally given up their hope to have a quick glimpse of Aishwarya Rai’s daughter Beti B. Though Beti B’s public appearance is too far from question now, the good news is that the baby girl will get her official name shortly.Rumours are rife that after grandpa Amitabh Bachchan gets discharged from the hospital, Beti B will finally get her name through a grand naming ceremony. Aishwarya gave birth to her daughter on November 16, 2011. Since then there has been endless speculations over her name and looks. Though the Bachchans have clearly refused to reveal the baby’s pictures, the final name is still on process.

The naming ceremony was initially delayed due to the inauspicious Kharwas ceremony. But even after the Kharwas period got over, there were no such hints about the baby’s name from the Bachchans. All we know is the baby’s name would start with ‘AA’.

Now, when Big B will get discharged shortly, we can expect Beti B’s official name to get revealed.



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