in loving memory of Jagjit Singh


When I read the article on NDTV about Shaan’s tribute to the late Jagjit Singh on his birth anniversary, it reminded me of the sad day I heard of Jagjit’s  passing this past October. It’s not that we weren’t prepared. He had been in a coma for weeks. I don’t know why it touched me so very deeply, the news had made me tear up.  Jagjit Singh was  music personified, if there is such a thing.  Even though I am not able to understand the lyrics, his melodies and his honeylicious  voice always tug me in, put me into trance, like a mother’s lullaby. For his sake  I should work harder on my Hindi, because right now only an 1/8 of his genius is accessible to me.




A highly educated man, holding a post-graduate degree in history, but graced with incredible musicality,  in time he rose to become one of the most influential ghazal singers, songwriters and musicians.  When you read about the tragedies in his personal life, the death of his 18 yr old son in an accident,  the suicide of his daughter, his wife and singer in her own rights, Chitra Dutta, traumatized to the extent that she couldn’t perform anymore, then you begin to understand the soulfulness and melancholy that permeates his music.

He worked hard to become successful, it didn’t come easy to him  initially. He started out as a playback-singer in Bollywood.  And at the zenith of his success this  horrendous tragedy with his son occurred. How does one cope?  He did it through music. Only music.  He healed himself through music.  And I think, this is what one experiences listening to him sing and play.  And this is what stirs  deep in our soul when you hear Jagjit Singh perform.



(Doesn’t this remind you eerily of the message of the  movie Rockstar? the transforming power of pain, like the melting of elements, brutal and transcending )


my favorite ghazal:




and this is the article that I was referring to:



read up on him if you have time and listen to his music. it will be  a love affair.









2 thoughts on “in loving memory of Jagjit Singh

  1. Jagjit Singh indeed revolutionized the entire field of Ghazals altogether. I have several favorites: “Kaagaz Ki Kashti”, “Hothon Se Choolon Tum” and “Ahista Ahista”.

    The song he song for Bollywood film, Sarfarosh, is very touching too. “Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya”.

    What a legend..

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