Suhana reprimands Srk for smoking.



If ANYONE can persuade this man to give up this nasty habit, it will be his children. I hope.  I don’t know why Shahrukh doesn’t get it.  Smoking takes a huge toll on his health and makes him look 10 years older than he is. We are all wondering why he is looking so sickly lately.  There is an unhealthy glow about him and it rips into the heart of many of his fans, this one included, me.

All his colleagues in their mid 40s  have maintained a youthful appearance, Akshay, Aamir, Arjun Rampal… and what not, even Salman, the lil rascal looks healthier than Shahrukh. I love him but I am angry at him.  Mostly because I am afraid he’s going to pull a Humphrey Bogart on us.

Now he is missing out on Don 2 showing in Berlin.  How often do we read he is sick and that’s just such a shame, because a lot is in his own hands. Probably half of his ailments will vanish within a year if he cuts out cigarettes.

I hope Suhana will keep bugging him! every day… every time she sees him with a cigarette!!  Keep it up, Suhana!

And the kids have a right to complain. They want to see him at their weddings. And he ought  to do everything in his power to fulfill that unspoken promise.




Shahrukh Khan’s daughter reprimands him for smoking

Shahrukh Khan and his daughter Suhana

Superstar Shahrukh Khan is very well aware of the bad effects of smoking and he has promised to quit this habit on several occasions. So far, his promise has never come into action. But now, the Bollywood actor’s daughter Suhana has taken his habit seriously and recently reprimanded him for the same.

On his Twitter page, Shahrukh Khan revealed about being reprimanded by Suhana. The actor tweeted, “Daughter just reprimanded me…how can u be the HT survey youth role model if u smoke. So to all the youths out there…please don’t smoke!!” Later, SRK posted a picture of a graph of the poll survey and wrote, “Big reprimand for smoking from my strict little atom bomb of a daughter!!!”

However, during the promotion of his hit movie Ra.One, Shahrukh Khan had promised that he would kick the butt after its release, but he did not do so. He made the same statement even during the promotion of his next film Don 2. Both films have come and gone, but his smoking habit is still remaining with him. When will SRK quit smoking has become the 64,000 dollars question.

Source: OneIndia









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