Ekk Deewana Tha comes with two endings.

…one happy one not so…



Pick your favorite ending. I want mine with bacon and sausage please…..  Apparently the producers liked both versions. I wonder if we can get a refund for our tickets if we aren’t happy with the ending we will get served.. haha. “Ticket-counter Sir, I wanted the other ending.. I had no idea, I wanted the feel-good ending for the masses!!”  Reminds you of something you just watched recently, very very recently?  Hello there, India, Karan, Gautham,  we are not ready for A TREND!!

No Shaadi at the end of a Bollywood movie is like having pizza without tomato sauce or toppings. Like mouse sitting in a trap without the cheese.  or as  Bob said it best:



I am just kiddin, but as a rule of thumb,  I DONT LIKE this business with two endings.  Make up your mind, guys, what you want to convey.  I can live without a happy ending, but getting presented with two alternatives I feel as if someone pulls my ears……

Gautham,  I am just the audience.  This is your film, not mine…






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