Atif Aslam

I was in the mood for posting an Atif Aslam song and thought let me see what I can find googling him.  I heard him live in Atlantic City two years ago, I think it’s been two years..  I had never heard of him before because in my first enthusiastic wave of Bollywood’s passionate embrace I paid more attention to actors than the singers, who, I realized later, are big players in the industry and have own careers built around those very songs we hear in Bollywood movies.  So I had bought tickets to hear Shreya Goshal, who I thought was important because I saw her name everywhere, and she was very good, indeed,  but nothing prepared me for the storm that unleashed when unimposing, genteel  Atif Aslam, one of Pakistan’s great musical talents,  entered the stage! In within five minutes, magically, the hall filled up to the rim, people were whistling and stomping with their feet. All hell broke loose. and I thought only  “Who is he?” 

Well, he was FANTASTIC!  and he had me in the palm of his hand after just a few songs. The atmosphere was ELECTRIFYING!  Ever since I am a huge fan and I can’t wait to hear him again.

here a few shaky pictures from a Live performance: it just shows you that his voice is just as clear and beautiful live and unaltered by studio techniques and it also showcases his modesty and down to earth attitude:

here is his official youtube channel if you want to scroll around 

NOW I Bet you want to know more about him personally and the first question women usually want to know…. Is he engaged? Is he married? Is he single? not necessarily

do we  delude ourselves that we might have a chance… oh heck, yes! we do…  and I guess that’s why Atif makes such a mystery out of his love life.  I am googling and googling

and all I find is unconfirmed reports about a mystery fiancee.  And Atif  is the first one to say he wants to keep it a mystery.  Who is the lucky one?   we might never know… some

woman came on TV saying she is it   (in Urdu…. ) others claim it’s a gymnast, a college grad.  So we got his phantom engagement, widely speculated but no pictures to

corroborate,  him saying he likes it that way.  Let’s just call him Myster Atif, or Myster If.  

If he comes to your city, get a ticket.  You won’t regret it.  If you find out or know about his marital status, please email me.

Atif_Aslam   source: wikipedia


4 thoughts on “Atif Aslam

  1. He has copped a lot of criticism for not being able to perform well live. A couple of people in the music industry have even claimed that he is ‘besura’, and that the songs we hear sound nice because it has been autotuned. Obviously, we don’t know what happens in the recording studio, but do you think that is true, given his live performance?

    • his live performance in Atlantic City was fantastic. but yes, I know what you mean because when I looked at the clips on youtube, he has better days and worse days, it seems. he can modulate his voice beautifully. He’s gifted with a great musicality.

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