and you thought you knew John Abraham…



One  can easily imagine him handling wild cats –  of the female kind –  but I bet you didn’t know this about him.  And I must say it endears him to me: He works for PETA?

A lot has changed in India in the last ten years.  There is a new awareness towards maltreatment of animals.  I have friends in Pune who took in and adopted stray dogs.  There is a much greater sensitivity palpable towards animals. I think it’s wonderful that John has been active in promoting and cultivating that awareness. Kudos to him! I must say it makes me see him in a different light.



John Abraham to shoot with real tigers, pythons


Many might not know about actor John Abraham’s attachment towards animals and the greenery, but the actor will be shooting with real tigers and pythons in for Mike Pandey’s docu-drama, Return of The Tiger.

John has been very close to animals hence, he works for PETA. Possibly following his love towards nature and animals, John has decided to do a film on wild animals to enlighten people to not to kill tigers. The documentary will show re-enactments of close encounters that Pandey has had with tigers and pythons while making other wildlife documentaries.

Talking to a leading daily, Pandey said that John is a conservationist and protector of animals, hence have dedicated 10 days every month until June to the initiative.

source oneindia:  john-abraham-shoot-with-real-tigers-pythons-200212.html



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