Saif Ali Khan: ham in a jam

” You talkin’ to me…..?”




Saif Ali Khan et al talking a bit too loud in a restaurant?  little bar-fight?  fist goes out, SNAP!  Little scandal before the movie release.  Hasn’t hurt anyone in the past.

Apparently Saif and his sweet group of friends misbehaved by having a good time and celebrating upcoming release of Agent Vinod over sushi and (probably)  sake.

To the “victim” I say, give the man a break!  Change table… And to Saif I want to say:  Be a gentleman, pay the man and his tribe his meal. Find a more quiet corner… Fists out? isn’t that a bit drastic for conflict resolution?  Arrest???   Holla…  could be right out of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode…

But hey, Kareena, pay attention, yaar. Shahrukh’s waiter rule   [@iamsrk  Simple rule I read… A person who is nice to u, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person… he/she is the worlds biggest dipshit..just]      applies also to guys who can’t solve a lil situation with a fella patron without the use of  fists… 

Come to think of it:  wouldn’t the whole thing  have been more fun and filmi if the sushi had been flying around the tables…


OneIndia:     saif-ali-khan-to-be-arrested-assaulting-man-220212.html


Ndtv:     movie_story.aspx?ID=ENTEN20120194997&subcatg=MOVIESINDIA&keyword=bollywood&nid=178619&pfrom=home-lateststories


still missing: miss malini’s report :-)


moral of the story: People always tend to underestimate the effect of sake….





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