Bad Boy image gets you places in Bollywood

In Hollywood you’re dead meat, case in point: Mel Gibson, in Bollywood bad boys thriveSaif Ali Khan is only the latest edition in the Bad Boys Club. 

We got notoriously misbehaving Salman Khan, although, he seems to have calmed down quite a bit lately, but you never know how long that lasts.. :-) but we have to believe he is getting older and wiser..

Sanjay Dutt has made a whole career out of it, connections to the underworld, spent time in jail. ok, eons ago.  but mind you, he never plays the good guy in movies.  Only in Munnabhai and there he’s appropriately a mob boss.  

Shahrukh timidly entered the arena by slapping Shirish Kunder, but it was just a mild slap.  So it really doesn’t qualify  to get an entrance ticket to the bad boy club.   He might have tried to get in but he is just too nice …he won’t be admitted not even after failing to come out of his trailer where he was holed up allegedly with Priyanka.

We have other bad boy examples but ….  Not on the scale of Sanjay or Salman.  We got Shiney Ahuja, who is the Strauss Kahn of Bollywood. Fardeen Khan, well, with him it’s just drugs.  Jackie Shroff, Nana Patekar, Madhur Bhandarkar….& the list goes on for transgressions of various nature and degrees. They all earned their little badges of misconduct. And some might have been wrongly under fire. You never know in this business.

But as a rule of thumb the biggies have major careers going. It might have to do with the redemption factor that is omnipresent,  even in movies. India LOVES to forgive and open her arms to embrace those who have gone astray.  And I love that about India.  Cuz no one is perfect.





As it turns out, Saif seems to belong to the Bad Boys Club for a while already….






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