Sonakshi Sinha puts the S in _exy

It’s not  the first time that Salman Khan catapulted an aspiring actress  to  fame.  He is really good at that.  He has the eye for talent. It didn’t surprise us at all that he discovered the adorable Sonakshi Sinha, giving her a major breakthrough role.

Since I started watching Bollywood movies  Salman has been launching  Aishwarya, Katrina Kaif and Asin;  helping them out often in tumultuous but effective ways they became the hottest actresses in Bollyland.  Dabangg created another diamond:  Sonakshi.

With Dabangg,  Salman and Sonakshi created blockbuster magic in 2010.  Her  debut alone generated a Big Bangg!  Since then Sonakshi has signed up for six different movies. Rowdy Rathore and  Joker, both with Akshay KumarLootera with Ranvir Singh;   Son of Sardar with Ajay DevganDabangg2  and Kick, both with Salman again!  So we’ll be seeing quite a bit of her.

wikipedia:  Sonakshi_Sinha


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