TopDog award at the Oscars: Clooney vs Uggie

Who deserves the TopDog award tomorrow at the Oscar’s.  It’s George Clooney, according to some, but  my vote goes to Uggie.
Dear  George Clooney supporter,
you are challenging me to defend my viewpoint in the debate of who is more deserving of the TopDog award category at the Oscars this year.  I am gonna say, let me stick to my guns here in favor of Uggie. Not that I didn’t appreciate Clooney’s performance in the Descendants. As a woman it comes quite naturally to me to love Clooney in all his manifestations and fully embrace his performances, including this one.  He was great and deserves all the accolades.
But Uggie was a show-stopper, you have to admit!!  and not only…..
Not only did this dog  execute his performance  brilliantly- on cue – he became the hallmark of the movie in a supporting role!  He was supposed to be the sidekick and he turned into a star. Why were we so touched? Anyone who lives with a dog knows this.  In your darkest hour, who will be there for you?  Who will never give up on you, even if the whole world does?  Your dog.  This movie is about that darkest hour. The world is changing and you didn’t see it coming. You didn’t adapt fast enough. You are being replaced. Nobody knows you anymore.  The Artist loses everything. His fame, his house, his wife, his friends.  His life’s work is meaningless all for sudden. But there is one who doesn’t give up on him, his dog.   Loyalty kissed by the Divine.
Uggie has got a taste of that bitterness that comes with LOSS. He had been given up on. His life was hanging by a thread when he was rescued from being sent to the pound.   He struggled his way back from the abyss, taking the exact opposite road.  He was the one being rescued and he gave back with gratitude and love. And this shines through in HIS performance.
Now Uggie may not have such a substantial filmography as Clooney does, but he isn’t nobody when you look at his vast work experience:
Life is Ruff (2005)
What’s Up Scarlett (2005)
Wassup Rockers (2005)
Mr. Fix It (2006)
Water for Elephants (2011)
and now, The Artist (2011) – the crown of his work before his retirement
read up on Uggie in Wikipedia:
 I rest my case

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