Salman Khan supports Saif


Watching this press conference on “BollywoodHungama” reminds me of why we love  him  and why so many actresses get weak knees around him.  He is  unapologetically Salman. I wonder how the situation with Saif Ali Khan and Iqbal Sharma would have ended up in that restaurant  if Salman had been present. Ten ambulances? Helicopters?

Salman talks his mind, and walks the talk. There are actors who can fabulously beat around the bush. You will never know what they REALLY think. Not so Salman Khan. He’s the beacon of  unafraid and head-on. You look at him, you might wanna hate him even but you can’t.  The same way you will love a Simon Cowell.  Acutally, he IS the Simon Cowell of India. Or lets’ say Simon Cowell IS the Salman Khan of the West. Celebrities  who have strong opinions and don’t care if you agree or don’t  are sort of rarities in a world and era of political correctness. It’s refreshing to see people  free themselves of public opinion and stick to their guns. I appreciate that. Would I marry them? No. :-)

oh wait a minute….


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