The Shahrukh Khan Song – Neha Kakkar

I can’t understand the lyrics, they might be fantastic and highly inspiring, but I would like to suggest to people who want to compose anthems to take singing lessons too :-)

I love Shahrukh Khan and I love Shahrukh Khan fans. They are really adorable. The most loyal bunch you can find on this planet. But Neha, please! not a song that will put us asleep… and sounds doomsy.


she sounds just like my cat when he wants to go out








2 thoughts on “The Shahrukh Khan Song – Neha Kakkar

  1. His movie titles were integrated cleverly, but you’re right…way too doomsy!

    Also, the chorus “Shahrukh, Shahrukh” part is a bit strange in my opinion. Think she’s tried to make her voice sound overly seductive or something.

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