Akshay Kumar – Chitrangda: after Desi Boyz back to the drawing board

 In Desi Boyz,  Akshay Kumar and Chitrangda put the screen on fire.  The best thing of course was watching Akki and John Abraham team up  again after the hilarious Garam Masala in 2005.  Rohit Dhawan‘s entertaining directorial debut Desi Boyz had a few flaws, a few bumps on the road but on the overall it was a fun watch.   Akki and Chitrangda were the icing on the cake.  They had great chemistry, so any future collaboration is WELCOME! 

Chitrangda – Akshay Kumar In Rohit Dhawan’s Next?

Akshay Chitrangada
MUMBAI: Akshay Kumar, a self-confessed Smita Patil fan, is very impressed by  the new-age Smita, aka Chitrangda. Chitrangda is “under serious consideration” with Vipul Shah and Nikhil Advani.She  has apparently been finalized for Rohit Dhawan’s next film with Akshay again.Says a source, “The chemistry between Akshay and Chitrangda is incredible in Desi Boyz. As soon as Rohit saw the rushes of Desi Boyz he made up his mind to cast the pair in his next which would take him, and the pair, into another zone altogether.”Akshay’s interest in Chitrangda is intensely professional.Says a source, “Akshay’s pairing with Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif ran their course after a strong of blockbusters. He feels Chitrangda  could be the Next Best Co-star in his career.”

In the coming months there are bound to me some announcements of films featuring Akshay with Chitrangda.

When asked about her pairing with Akshay, Chitrangda enthused, “Oh, he has been very helpful. There have been times when I have been kind of lost in the commercial language. Akshay was right there to show me the way out.I am looking forward to a lot more films with him.”


” Akshay’s interest in Chitrangda is intensely professional.”
THAT’S CUTE.  We certainly hope it’s purely professional,  for the sake of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star….  We will concede perhaps a slight infatuation, that is of course, only with Twinkle’s approval.

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