Yash Raj films invents the clever “Y awards”


Either the banner is desperate for publicity or  somebody ingenuous in the company came up with a great idea, something I can see myself happily partake in.

They will start giving out their own awards for their house productions, where they will honor technical  excellence, for once, but in addition they came up with a bunch of interesting new categories people can vote for, such as  Most Absurd Lyrics, Most Outrageous Move, Best One Liners, Most Invisible Cameo, Most Overacting Extra, Best Suiting & Shirting  among others. On their website  you’ll be able to vote daily for a new category, a new nominee, based on video links they stream. I think that’s quite fantastic and a great marketing gimmick. Bring it on, Yash Raj! :-) We are ready.


I love the most overacting extra category…





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