Where Art Thou, Desi Uggie?


 As a Bollywood fan and intense animal lover, I am one of those who will see a movie like Hatchi in the theaters not just on DVD, I am waiting impatiently for a movie with a Desi  Uggie. It’s time for Bollywood to pick up on the increasing awareness and love for pets in India. I wonder why no filmmaker has gone there yet!
I once pitched the idea to a Bollywood actor on twitter for a desi Dr. Doolittle story, Rahul Khanna to be exact because he loves animals and he liked the idea but said it’s notoriously  hard to work with animals on movie sets. I guess the prerequisite would be to have animal trainers or import them from Hollywood.

Dogs in a movie are so effective.. just think of the dog in E.T,  Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve got Mail, or even the little glimpse of dog we got in Chalte Chalte, as Johnny Lever’s sidekick.  I think the reason why Tom Hanks rose to fame is that he’s got a dog in almost every film :-) 

A dog transforms a house into a home and gives  even a film a homey, cozy feeling. The bond between dog and man is extraordinary, we don’t get this unconditional love and acceptance anywhere else in life. That’s why having a dog is so addictive, as every dog lover knows. I am glad seeing India warm up to these wonderful souls enriching so many lives in the West. Having a Desi Marley will also be an important step to raise awareness towards animal cruelty. In India I saw all too often how people kept their dogs chained all day long on leashes no longer than 3-4 feet, on hot days with no shade no water. A movie might contribute to change a nation’s heart towards animals. Lend them your heart. Give them a voice. 


Best Dog in Film: (incomplete list)


Uggie, in The Artist: see above


Marley: in Marley & Me 

Dr. Doolittle 

E.T: ok wasn’t the star but hey the refrigerator scene…

You’ve Got Mail:

Turner and Hooch: 


Best in Show



Check out this great article on FirstPost:


Whither Uggie: Why Bollywood doesn’t like dogs




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