London Paris New York – Jai Jai Love is in the Air

It’s spring and not just the cats start meowing outside through the night. This movie couldn’t have a better timing. London Paris New York pulls all the right strings.

Once again we can fall in love with the leading couple in a romantic comedy. It hits like a meteor and catches you by total surprise. Remember Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, that sizzling chemistry between two leads who set the screen on fire. not just the screen, the whole theater and then YOU?  You could have heard a needle fall when Nikhil and Lalitha were about to…and that’s very rare when you a watch a Bollywood movie in the theater, where people habitually talk text and answer their phones. Last time I remember it happening was in Band Baaja Barat.


Ali Zafar, where have you been until now? He was discovered among playback singers?? and he actually composed AND SANG in London Paris New York???  Not just that: his performance was very convincing and he reminded me a little bit of a young Al Pacino at times. He’s your perfect romantic hero but Zafar can pull off some darkness and depth in moments, which makes him one of the more interesting newcomers to watch out for in the future. People have been asking, who will be able to fill the shoes of the bigger Bollywood stars once they can’t pull off romance anymore? Look no further. We have a whole batch coming up and Ali Zafar just joined the club of the hopeful sitting on top of the heap! Well, we got an inkling watching him in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. There is something about Ali Zafar and you can’t put your finger on it, but you will remember him. He is sexy with a smirk. And you will remember the smirk more than his sex-appeal. Ok, enough drooling.

His adorable partner in crime in this romantic comedy is Aditi Rao Hydari, another pleasant surprise! Just as Zafar, she is just a few films old and seems already so accomplished, so veteran. She can change into different characters like a chameleon.

And this movie is about changes and journeys and how we go through different phases in life and how we face the challenges of a global world that pulls us apart while we follow different destinations.  How can we trust our feelings?  A chance encounter turns into something deeper. Even though we might recognize the significance of such an encounter, we let it slip away but the feeling never leaves of an unfinished story. So many novels have been written about it, movies made, but for some reason it always feels fresh and relevant, because either we had it happen to us or someone else we know is or has been going through it. Love is complicated and often sabotages itself. Lovers meet, lovers part. It’s a pain everybody who has been in love can relate to. How do we know when we are ready, who is our soulmate, if he/she exists?

We women are great in coming up with rule books in love, Nikhil is right. We love to establish rules and then get lost in them. Watch this movie to see if it relates to you, to your story or your best friend’s story… I loved this movie.Thanks Anu Menon.  What a promising directorial debut!!




London Paris New York:





One thought on “London Paris New York – Jai Jai Love is in the Air

  1. Seems like a movie that is NOT to be missed.
    Really have not been into the trailers and so on…but my mind has started to change because of reviews like this. :)
    P.S. The band baaja comment was so true. We haven’t had any of those chemistry couples in a while now!

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