John Abraham injured on set. About the hazards of being a Bollywood star…

Our fearless Bollywood stars. Last week it was Vidya Balan, on the train tracks who escaped death,  now John got punched on the set of Shootout At Wadala (by mistake, wrongly timed punch)   hard on his precious nose, and don’t we love his nose, He was bleeding profusely, a doctor was called and he won’t resume shooting until March 9th. Not too long ago Abhishek Bachchan sustained an injury… if I recall it was his hand, no, his eye. His hand, that was another accident..(don’t have the time to google it).

Shahrukh is paying dearly for all his stunts of the past. He has been through so many crippling back injuries, surgeries… his doctors are in awe how he coped with all of it. Our Bollywood stars are No Sissies. They are THE REAL DEAL.  They walk the talk, ahem, the script. They do have stuntmen of course but from what I understand they do a lot of the risky stuff on their own. I am in awe!!  In Hollywood they got stuntmen who sit on the toilet in lieu of their actors, in Bollywood the stars dance on moving trains!!!


I can never forget how perplexed when I saw Dil Se for the first time and I kept rewinding to see if there was any special effect involved: No, there wasn’t!

and how can you not sing the praises of the whole group and camera crew… On Bollywood sets you truly live on the edge!


John Abraham nose punch:



Abhishek Bachchan on the set of Bol Bachchan



Vidya Balan’s brush with serious accident on the set of Kahaani



Srk accident on set of Don2:  (pay attention to “likes to do his own stunts…”)



and this is just the recent count, let’s not forget Koyla, the movie where Shahrukh almost got killed:



but the worst of all accidents in Bollywood’s history was Amitabh Bachchans injury of the set of Coolie, which almost cost him his life and has altered it forever.


There are so many examples of movie set heroism, near fatal accidents, I am bowing my head to our daredevil Bollywood actors! One more reason to love them…






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