“Bumboo” by Jagdish Rajpurohit, based on the French movie L’emmerdeur


Should be interesting.  Sounds like a great premise.  Haven’t seen the original.  I wonder if this movie will wash up at US shores…  I hope it will.





Francis Veber’s story to get Indian adaptation

Writer-director Francis Veber, one of the most celebrated names in French cinema, is looking forward to the Bollywood adaptation of his famous story ” L’emmerdeur”.

“Veber’s scripts have been turned into movies in France and Hollywood but it is for the first time that his story is being officially adapted in India by producer-director Jagdish Rajpurohit in his upcoming film ” Bumboo”.

“L’emmerdeur”, a story about the unlikely friendship between a hitman and a suicidal man, was first adapted by Hollywood legend and Veber’s idol Billy Wilder.

The 74-year-old, however, feels that Indian version is far better than what Wilder, who made classics like “Sunset Boulevard”, “Seven Year Itch” and “Sabrina”, tried to achieve in “Buddy Buddy”, his career’s last film.

“It was a bad movie. It makes me sad because Billy Wilder is a legend and my hero but he made a mistake in his casting. He cast two guys he used to work with and it did not work. What I like about the Indian version is that they have cast right people. The killer here looks like a tough guy so I am looking forward to see how it fares with Indian audience,” Veber told PTI over phone from Paris.

The director, whose ” Dinner Game” inspired ” Bheja Fry”, says he was surprised to be approached for the rights by Rajpurohit.

“Most of the time my stories get adapted without my knowledge and I don’t get any money. But it is changing now. The Indian director of “Bumboo” was in touch with me. I was delighted to have someone who was very clear in his approach.”

Veber’s stories come from the cultural absurdities of the French people but they have been successfully adapted across the world. The secret, he says, is in having a high concept.”

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