John Abraham inspired by the film he produced: Vicky Donor


Smashing Farhan aka John Abraham ( I like Farhan almost better) is keeping busy these days. Not only is he working on his trilogy of sequels,  Housefull 2, Dostana 2 and Race 2,  plus I, Me Aur Main, in addition he has turned first-time producer  with his film Vicky Donor.

Truth be told, I don’t understand a word from this trailer, but making a movie about a sperm donor sounds like a fun idea.  I only wish  Johnny-Boy were  in it himself!  But for those of us who wish he’d in the movie there is a flickering light of hope. He wants to walk the talk and become a sperm donor : – ) so, girls, let’s stand in line for a donation…hehe

I forgot there is more news: after scaring poor John witless at the thought of having to spend 15 days in jail for a reckless (bike) driving incident yeeeeaaars ago, well, now he won’t have to. The victims slash witnesses can’t even remember anymore what exactly happened.

if you combine the two John Abraham newsy stories: 

you might be able (in your dreams haha) to obtain John’s sperm,  but it will  come with a speed-limit and waving:  Caution -Collision..



John Abraham donating his sperms!

“Actor John Abraham, who is all set for his first production on sperm donation, explains the importance of the issue. John, who believes in sperm donation, also wants to donate his own sperms for social cause.John has picked up a bold concept of infertility and sperm donation for his movie Vicky Donor. Explaining the importance of sperm donation to a leading daily, the actor said that there are so many childless couples all over, hence men should lend their helping hands and give such couples a new life. He also expressed his will to donate his sperms.John has always been actively involved in social causes. Adding up a bit more to his social works, his new concept of sperm donation would definitely inspire the young Indian men to go his way. But, this concept might face strong opposition from many conservative parts of our country as well.The film will see a new debutant actor VJ Ayushman Khurrana, who will play the role of a sperm donor. He will be seen opposite to Television actress Yami Gautam.”




MORAL OF THE STORY:  be as much of  A DAREDEVIL  as you like  ON SCREEN,  but DON’T TRY IT AT HOME.


Hmmm… if I remember well from my last visit to India, half of the population of motorized age should be fined for reckless driving… ok, three quarter.








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