Silly Sallu

A rupee is not what is used to be.  Or is it?

Oh please, guys, give us a break! :-)  The Germans have a proverb:  Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall… pride comes before the fall (?) Well, we don’t know. maybe it’s just a rumor but it would be the height of silliness if it were true that Salman demanded one rupee more than Srk  to work in Aditya Chopra’s next. It’s funny but at the same time insulting.

Here we are again,  and what’s one rupee between good old frenemies?
This lingering animosity between the biggies of Bollywood is somewhat amusing for the spectator but it’s a loss for the industry. It would be such a great thing to see Srk, Salman, and let’s throw Aamir in the pot, ALL act together in a film. I hope one day they will  lay down their axes and surprise us with a joint venture!  It will be a superhit.  But they shouldn’t wait too long – cuz  we’ll be all grandpas and grandmas stumbling over our walking sticks.  On the bright side,  it might become a classic shown in nursing homes.
this is the better news on the Salman front:
Salman to play Lord Krishna in Akshay’s next movie….  “It is about an atheist (played by Akshay Kumar), who suffers losses due to an earthquake and files a case against God asking him to compensate him for the loss” – if That doesn’t sound fun….
I say, YES!  and maybe Akshay can write in a role for Shahrukh and then we clash the titans in the heavens and get it over with :-)
I love how Akshay gets along with EVERYONE!  Salman, Srk, Aamir… why can’t you be like Akki? ; – )

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