Irrfan goes Hollywood



My wish is coming true. One of India’s finest actors is crossing over to Hollywood -Relax,  for projects ONLY!  When Slumdog slammed onto our shores, I was crouching down in Huntington’s artsy and crowded cinema, hissing a little YEESSSSS between my teeth when I saw Irrfan as bad-cop good-cop.  Small as the role was,  it showed us ONCE AGAIN how refined of an actor Irrfan is. What did he get, a minute of screen-time? yet,  in this little fragment of time he had us in the palm of his hands! That very moment I thought, Hollywood, if you don’t take notice of him then  you are a lost case! Sure enough, they aren’t all dumb there, ya know, they DID take  notice! I was a little frustrated initially seeing Anil’s and Freida Pinto’s careers taking off .. wondering, hey, where’s Irrfan? but soon after we could enjoy him on HBO’s  In Treatment. And from there it was just a slam dunkin! If we get to see him as a villain it’s a double bonus.  He will make any villain look ambiguous and that’s what makes it a great one.

Cheers to you, Irrfan Khan. I am going to watch this Spiderman JUST FOR YOU! :-)

Irrfan impresses Hollywood directors

M Suganth, TNN Mar 13, 2012, 12.19PM IST

While his Paan Singh Tomar is still running to packed houses and winning critical acclaim in India, it looks like Irrfan Khan is also making his presence felt in the international circuit.

The actor is currently part of some of the much-expected Hollywood films directed by celebrated filmmakers like Ang Lee and Marc Webb. He is playing crucial supporting roles in Webb’s Spider-man reboot The Amazing Spider-man (as Dr Ratha, a secondary villain), he will be seen as Pi’s father in Ang Lee’s screen adaptation of the Booker Prize winning The Life Of Pi. He has also come in for praise for his role on the US TV show In Treatment.

“Irrfan’s importance in Hollywood is an interesting thing. A lot of directors are really starting to take notice of him and are looking for roles for Irrfan because he’s got such a wonderful reputation. There’s a show he did here (in the US) called In Treatment and you really got to see his wonderful abilities. Whether its Danny Boyle or Ang Lee, really very strong directors are starting to take notice of this star, who comes from a land that some view as exotic and far away from us. But you realize with actors like Irrfan, how close they really are,” gushes Marc Webb.

Well, here’s wishing Irrfan, a phenomenal actor, even more acclaim on a global scale.



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