Happy Birthday, Aamir!



Aamir Khan is turning 47 today.  He says he is not going to celebrate.  and it’s true, 47 is an odd number.  3 years to go until you feel really old (in the filmi industry).  As If 40 isn’t bad enough, but adding the number 7 makes it feel immediately like a dreary cloudy day.   At 48 you start feeling better because you are not 50 yet.   49 you can deceive yourself , you are still 40.  And then comes the Big Bang.  

Actually, if we use a numerologist or pandit or astrologer or one of the guys, you know who you are,  who turns Singh is King into Singh is Kinnnng, one of these guys who fiddles around with titles to give them a zodiac-success-friendly alterego, we could turn the 47 into 4777…. although it will make Aamir look a tad too biblical perhaps….

however you want to put it,  47 can’t be a great birthday, we agree on that, but you can say this:

Dekhiye..sab log~ Look  at what I have accomplished in my 40s.  I have given the world Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, Ghajini, Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots and Mumbai Diaries and a TV show (right??)  I produced Peepli Live and I gave you my nephew. And all of that in only 7 years.


Happy Birthday, Aamir!  We love you. We can’t wait for Talaash and whatever else you bestow on us….


one of your fans.


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