Abhishek Bachchan inspired by Oprah’s idea: gift the baby an Audi

Next time I am invited to a baby shower I won’t have to think so hard anymore, what shall we bring the bundle of joy, a little rattle maybe? a stroller? four wheels yes, but why think so small? the baby will grow, won’t it?

let’s get her an Audi. with every extra you can think of. yes, daddy, i want leather seats so it’s easy to clean when i  spit up mom’s milk. I want a sun-roof for my first tan. i want to be able to start the car when i press a button and i want brakes attached to the wheel, cuz my feet won’t reach there for another fifteen years.

And I am so glad you guys called me spider, now I also got my spider bat mobile… oh sorry, it’s not arachnia? it’s aaradhiya. close nough.


and here is the picture where they carry me to my Audi Otto:-)


but she’ll be always Beti Bee to mee


Beti B receives a special gift from papa Abhishek Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai’s daughter Beti B is truly a lucky one. She is just 4 months old but is in no way less than a celebrity. She has been hogging the limelight since her birth, and guess what? Now, papa Abhishek Bachchan has a special and expensive gift for his darling daughter Beti B.

A leading daily reports that Abhishek has booked an Audi A8 for his baby girl. The car costed him Rs 1.50 crore. Interestingly, Abhishek intentionally chose Audi A8 series, since it starts with the alphabet A, just like Beti B’s first alphabet of name.

On the other hand, the buzz has been rife that the Bachchan baby has been named as Aaradhya. Though there has been no such confirmation from the Bachchans, reports say that Abhishek and Aishwarya registered this name few days back.

source:  http://entertainment.oneindia.in/bollywood/gupshup/2012/beti-b-receives-special-gift-abhishek-bachchan-150312.html


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