Exam crunch-time in India: sit back, inhale, exhale… repeat

It’s crunch-time in India, but also here in America. so if you are studying for exams right now,  take some time to inhale and exhale. Let things in your mind settle cuz otherwise you’ll forget everything you studied for and your head will Xplode. Take a lil breather.  Sit back, watch the bees and the birds.  Connect with your buddies.  Take a nap in between.  Take a breather! :-)

watch 3 Idiots (well, okay that’s a longer break…)

think FALTU


Parents must kill hype around exams: Experts

Shreya Bhandary & Pratibha Masand, TNN Feb 2, 2012, 07.11AM IST

  • MUMBAI: The financial capital’s children are more tense about exams than their counterparts in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. They not only compromise on their playtime-almost 42% of the children interviewed didn’t watch TV at all in the run-up to their exams-but also on their meals.

Around 39% of Mumbai’s students do not get adequate sleep during examinations, said the survey. Dr Deepak Ugra of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics pointed out a vicious cycle of poor nutrition and ill-health . “Due to exam stress, children suffer from low immunity . They are more susceptible to viral or other infections,” he said. Mumbai’s kids also complain of another illness-headaches . “They cram too much in a short time. Concentration issues lead to anxiety and/or lack of sleep,” said Dr Ugra.

The problem is pan-Indian , say IMA officials. “Children are sleeping less, eating junk food and ignoring hygiene. What can the result be? Obviously, they run the risk of falling sick during exams,” said All-India Institute of Medical Sciences chief dietician Anuja Agarwal, who is also a member of the IMA.

IMA’s Pawan Gupta, the lead author of the survey, said: “It is quite natural for children to give board exams their best shot but practices like skipping meals and foregoing study breaks take their toll. What children don’t realize is that these practices increase their risk of contracting illnesses and can nullify their efforts.”

Educationists believe that it is the environment at home that can be more stressing. “Parents are more stressed than children these days,” said J Roberts of Oxford Public School. Most principals agreed that parents are the ones they need to counsel more.

With the Right to Education Act in place, the aim is to reduce exam stress and focus more on class performance. “We also ensure that students don’t get stressed. Still, parents end up worrying and this brings in competition,” said Natasha Mehta, principal of Euro School in Navi Mumbai.

Psychiatrist Harish Shetty said exams were hyped in family as well as society. “Board exams define the self-esteem of the entire family. Children end up either eating a lot or not eating at all. It is important for them to play and de-stress themselves . Parents must ensure that exams do not define the talent of the child,” he said.



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