Shabana Azmi to Vidya Balan… good or bad advice?





I dunno, yaar, but if you ask me it’s

the most stupid thing I heard an intelligent actress of the caliber of Shabana Azmi say to a fellow actress, to ‘watch out that if she, Vidya, that is,  keeps calling the shots in movies leading male actors won’t want to be starring in a movie with her’… what the..

I hope Oneindia misunderstood, misinterpreted, or misprinted Shabana…  vidya-balan-kahaani-warns-shabana-azmi-210312.html

I am saying,  our Vidya isn’t scared of ANYBODY :-)  and she should just go on doing her thing.  Taking the roles she likes.  Since she has proven to be box office gold with her last movies producers and production houses will line up doting to her.  She has to stay true to herself now and not get lost in mediocre scripts.  She should take her sweet time  choosing carefully the people she wants to work with.  I don’t think any male Bollywood star will reject her, actually, she will make them look better!  One thing is true though, I have a hard time imagining her with younger stars.  She looks best when working with mature and serious actors.


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