looks gritty awesome.

There are two kinds of people among Bollywood lovers: those who limit themselves and see ONLY a Salman, Shahrukh or Aamir Khan movie and those who think, hmmm, Abhay Deol... must be a good movie. chalo!

Shanghai is based on a novel by Vassilis Vassilikos and it’s got a brilliant cast, besides Abhay Deol we got the very interesting Kalki Koechlin and Emraan Hashmi who is steadily growing as an actor…

Okay, it’s moustache time for Abhay now (I don’t know what men in the Indian police force  find so appealing about them. It must be the identifying mark. So much I figured out. I should go back to India and take a survey who wears it and why. I think in general the South is more heavily moustached than the North, hai na? but okay, let’s get back to Shanghai.

One thing we know. The director, Dibakar Banerjee, makes interesting off-beat movies.

Actually, my absolute favorite of his is Khosla Ka Ghosla with Anumpam Kher, a brilliant satire about a common man’s dilemma. After retirement he wants to invest his life savings in a house for his entire family and becomes the victim of crooks. A tale of revenge, fortunately.  Anupam Kher’s best role.

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye! is the story of a notoriously prolific thief, who starts to become cocky after thinking he’s the best,  played like a charm by Abhay Deol.

LSD: Love, Sex aur Dhokha. Three stories captured by a security cam and a video recorder. good movie. got excellent reviews. must see.

So, not understanding Hindi and just watching the trailer of Shanghai gives me a good idea about the movie is about and that I want to see it.

Please, please, pretty please, would you be so kind in Bollywood to add subtitles to trailers on a more regular basis? The only one who always thinks of that is Aamir Khan, our perfectionist. I was hoping that by now it would have rubbed off and generalized. but no.:-)

Shanghai comes out June 6th. Gosh, I hate these long waits for movies i want to see NOW, TOMORROW!


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