Good Luck to Aamir Khan with his TV debut Satyamev Jayate!

That’s exciting and I wish I could only watch it…shocks.  I will have to invite myself to friends’ houses but helas, even then I won’t understand a word. I like the promo. I like the song. I am sure it will be a super success! Not because Aamir is a perfectionist but because he is intelligent and charismatic and open-minded..

Here is to someone who can keep a secret. Cheers!  :-)

Opus Aamir. Oprah Aamir…

Satyamev Jayate airs: Sunday 11am on Star Plus




Aamir Khan set to debut on TV with his chat show Satyamev Jayte

Aamir Khan
Most of the big Bollywood films see a gala music launch ahead of their release. But a music launch of a TV show was unheard of in the Indian showbiz.However, Aamir Khan launched the music of his upcoming TV chat show Satyamev Jayte. The Perfectionist Khan of Bollywood hogged the limelight yet again holding the event in Mumbai.Aamir had been very discreet about his show until this event. So, when he announced the music launch of his show, it grabbed all eyeballs.“This is my life’s most crucial step. I have done many films which are close to my heart, but if I find anything really close to my heart then it is this TV show,” Aamir said announcing his debut on small screen with Satyamev Jayte.

“I have been working on this project for two years. Many people did not know what I was doing during these two years. I was working on the TV show all this while… Probably this is my most ambitious project till today,” he added.


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