If Brad and Angie can do it….

but do you see what I see on this picture? Brad is adoringly checking out THE RING, not the bride…haha


….then there is hope for Saif and Kareena. Generally speaking, I think it’s a bad idea to get married after seven years, isn’t that when marriage starts itching? :-)

On the other, we have a case in our family of someone who got married after being together 20 years! beat that…



and what do we have here in India? aha


perhaps these two lovebirds shouldn’t wait too long either. on some of the pictures you can see the wear already and I had to scramble long to find this one where a measure of mutual comfort transpires.

I will be slightly disappointed, though, if these two maritally challenged couples give in to societal pressures because it’s nice to have examples of long term commitments that aren’t sealed by marriage,  thus opening up perspectives of non-traditional arrangements for couples. There is something to be said about a voluntary union, one that is renewed day by day, month by month, year by year. It’s a more conscious decision.

Well, it would be the death of Bollywood movies, what, no shaadi?? so let’s not go there…. :-)




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