John Abraham turning producer with Vicky Donor

Vicky Donor is getting a lot of buzz these days. Sperm donation, that’s something which hasn’t been discussed much publicly in India, perhaps here and there behind closed doors. It’s a smart move on John’s part to take a novel topic for his first venture in production.
At this stage of his life it’s a great idea to become a producer, doors are already wide open. I guess it could be also somewhat risky when you don’t have much experience yet, but that wouldn’t deter our Johnny, would it. All I can say is though, I wish he had been acting himself in this movie, such a fantastic topic. I wonder why he didn’t.
but let’s wish him good luck with his first movie. I hope it will get here to the US, which is still to be seen….but since Johnny’s name is crowning the movie, I let myself be surprised.
John Abraham wants to follow Aamir’s footsteps

Bollywood’s muscular hunk John Abraham has just turned producer and he seems very excited about the potential that this venture of his holds. ‘Vicky Donor’ has created quite a buzz in the country with its bold subject and the innovative manner in which it is being marketed. The movie has been produced by John Abraham under his banner ‘JA Entertainment’. The actor is pretty confident about his production debut, but still feels that he needs grooming in the department. Hence, John has said that he would want to follow the Aamir, Farhan model in going about his work.

Ayushmann Khurrana, the lead actor of ‘Vicky Donor’, had recently come to Dailybhaskar’s Mumbai office and had said that John is a very generous producer. Rather he was more like an elder brother on the sets. Well, John would be very happy to hear that his ‘employees’ have good things to say about him, which does not really happen very often. John has reportedly said recently that even though he might have turned producer but he admits that he does have a total grasp on cinema. He further said that he wants to follow Aamir Khan and Farhan Akhtar because they are brilliant producers.

Well, John, with your name backing a project, we are sure that a host of women would certainly crowd the cinema halls.


postscript: I am glad he didn’t snatch the lead. Ayushman Khurana was brilliant in the role!!!

a great movie!!!



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