John Abraham’s gutsy choices

After hitting jackpot as a producer with Vicky Donor it looks as if John Abraham is going to surprise us next taking on directing. This will be really interesting because John seems to like challenging the norm. As an actor he took quite a few risks, which I love about him.


Just think about the deeply dark movie No Smoking. If that wasn’t gutsy, what is!? :-)  The first totally surreal Indian film I have ever seen.



Water, another brave topic. Deepa Mehta’s brilliant movie about a child widow



In Jhoota Hi Sahi he took a chance playing the love interest of an entirely unknown actress, Pakhi Tyrevala, the wife of the director Abbas Tyrevala.  for an actor of his stature that was taking a risk.



7 Khoon Maaf, alongside Priyanka Chopra, another unusual role for a ‘leading’ man. In this case one out of seven…




In Dostana  he pretends to be a homosexual, another tabu topic in India.



Aashayein, a movie about a man who has 90 days to live, another smart but surprising choice of film



John chooses roles wisely mixing commercial cinema, Dhoom,  Housefull, Desi Boyz, etc.,  with offbeat movies and challenging topics.

In taking on sperm donation in the first movie he produces, he again proves to be a risk taker. I like that about him. I’ll be looking forward to his debut as director.




John’s filmography: nm1303433


his upcoming movies:

Dostana 2 (pre-production)

 Shootout at Wadala (filming)
Manya Surve

I, Me aur Main (post-production)
Ishaan Sabharwal


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