Dosti John and Abhi getting naughty

If you liked Dostana you will be looking fwd to Dostana 2.
Tarun Mansukhani has cracked the code to a successful sequel (hopefully). He must have had lots of sleepless nights cuz I remember him talking about writing the sequel ages ago, when I had just joined twitter. Good things come to those who wait…as the proverb says.
As the months and years went by… Tarun Mansukhani’s thoughts and writings got progressively kinkier and naughtier.
This is Tarun before writing the sequel:
and after
and now the glorious moment has come: He’s cracked it.
  …. wait a minute. 2011?
ok, it took long
but at least we know who’s starring in it.
John Abhi and Katrina Kaif.
at least that’s what we think….
John Abraham desperate to get naughty with partner Abhishek Bachchan

John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan’s much-awaited Dostana is all set to come up with it’s sequel soon. If reports are to be believed, director Tarun Mansukhani has finally cracked the plot. Dostana 2 is said to be far more naughty and wicked than that of the original.

Talking to a leading daily, John Abraham said that he can’t wait to get cosy with Abhishek Bachchan on the screen again. The actor further said that Dostana 2 would be set in London and Punjab. A source informed the daily that Dostana 2 would unfold on terra firma.

Something that disappoints us is that the sequel won’t have Californian seasides and bikini babes. The sources also informed that there will be lots of sexual jokes, but innocuous fun would still be the key in the film.


4 thoughts on “Dosti John and Abhi getting naughty

  1. It was Florida seaside and bikini babes… I guess Miami looks the same as California to Indians? ;-)
    Looking forward to Dostana 2 as well (Dostana was my second Bollymovie after KANK – now you know who to blame for my obsession, LOL!)! :-D

    • haha, just like “let’s drive from Mykonos to Athens…”(ChalteChalte) details. on the other hand, I bet the average American can’t tell Delhi from Bombay. You recognize landmarks only if u watch enough films or you’ve been there

      • Well I can’t tell Miami from California either, but there were big neon signs stating “Miami” weren’t they?
        And getting them to Europe… through the European gay community would be lots of fun! :-D

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