Funny or not? Ashton Kutcher’s controversial ad

Hey  @aplusk. What were you thinking?? Not that  Ashton is the biggest thinker, he’s known for pranks and bad romantic decisions, but his latest dumb idea was this ad:

now, would he have only had the good sense to impersonate a Dominique Strauss-Khan for the purpose of his dating video, we would have thought nicely of him, but no. A sunkissed, moustached Bollywood producer in a Chinatown jacket?

We got a revolution on our hands.

The rastafaris don’t climb up the walls in regard to the ad because as we know they are all high… or at least, let’s wait

the rednecks are all busy cleaning their shotguns…

but desis are a vigilant bunch!  You won’t slip through the net so easily, Ashton. You’ll be banned from visiting India. And there is going to be a bounty on your head.

Ok, all right. The only way you can make it up, come and act in a Bollywood movie in a role carefully assigned to you, for instance:

You could be the driver of a steel magnate Inc.

Rekha’s lover boy.

or they’ll have you mix cocktails.

 boyfriend of a nice Indian girl & you’ll be jailed and deported at the end of the movie.

I think who should be offended are the Bollywood producers. I have never seen any of them wearing such a jacket!

Verdict. Funny or not?  Not funny.  His timing was off.

Relax, everybody! he is a comedian. I don’t think he’s a racist. Mel Gibson, we know. Cuz he is a repeat offender. But Ashton Kutcher? poorly advised, yes. but racist? doubt it.

Fire the make-up staff – maybe,  and all the people in the studio who were uncomfortable filming the skit but didn’t say anything.


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