Nadine Labaki. Where Do We Go Now?

Nadine Labaki, the talented actress and director of the wonderful  movie Caramel (if you haven’t seen it yet, rent it)  is releasing her new film “Where Do We Go Now?” the story of a group of  women caught in the turmoil and conflicts of Muslim and Christian relations in a Lebanese village.

Nadine is a fascinating figure. check out her site on Wikipedia:



4 thoughts on “Nadine Labaki. Where Do We Go Now?

  1. It’s on my to-watch/buy list (was just released when I heard about it, the things I’ve seen on YouYube where hilarious)! As soon as I go on another Amazon shopping spree, it will be MINE!!! :-D

    • I hope it will be released here where I live… if not, I’ll have to try to get it through my library. I don’t want to buy DVDs anymore because it seems there is a curse on my DVD collection. as soon as I purchase a movie, after watching it at the theaters, I lose all interest in seeing it again. These DVDs collect dust until i give them to friends to watch and then they habitually lose them and when I am really in the mood of seeing them I realize I don’t have them anymore, haha. I figure this is God’s way of showing me that I shouldn’t own anything :-) Hey Barb, you are living in Italy, no? I forgot, where again?

      what do you think of organizing a Bollywood film festival in Italy, showing new and old movies? I have a friend who’s got good contacts.

      • Roma, honey… I’m coming to NY at the end of August, maybe we should meet and discuss it! ;-)
        I know the Rome Film Festival had Shah Rukh Khan for My Name is Khan, but it’s on the other side of the town (at the famous “bagarozzi”), so I never went to that festival. But if it’s somewhere in the south (EUR), I’ll go there! :-D
        Oh, and I’m going to a stage of Bollywood dance in Rome at the beginning of June (I hope)… I’ll tell all! :-D

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