Dangerous Ishq: over the top – with highlights

Based on her performance in Dangerous Ishq, it is questionable whether Karishma Kapoor succeeded in grabbing our attention. Instead of coming out with a bang,  she hit us with 1345-Large-Bubble.html. This movie won’t go down in history as her comeback vehicle, I am afraid, but the music was nice and the movie had its beautiful moments. Maybe Karishma is a bit out of practice, hopefully she will find some interesting supporting roles in the future.

Poor woman, she looked a bit emaciated. I was pondering if she might have tried too hard to diet off any itzy bitz of flesh before the shooting.  I wonder when actresses will start realizing that extreme diets or poor eating habits will take a toll and make you look scary rather than attractive, especially as you are getting older.

But her weight wasn’t really the issue,  it was her acting that was inconsistent and only sporadically controlled. In the moments when Karishma does feel in control she is good and can be convincing. In her defense,  though, she must have been nervous as hell and perhaps trying too hard, this being her come-back film.

To make matters worse, there was no shred of chemistry between the main leads, their interactions felt staged and rehearsed. Rajneesh Duggal as Rohan was a  good-looking protagonist, but either they didn’t let him be himself or he was  just being too restrained.

There were some interesting points made in the movie, but I hope the premise it’s built on, that our stories continue in our next lives with exactly the same players involved, makes me want to puke. Dear Lord, please give me new people to handle in my next existence, or shoot me up with instant Nirvana to spare me from a next life altogether. I don’t want to meet any of my love interests in the next and/or beyond.

We are almost relieved when we hear the police officer laugh at the idea that the kidnapper was identified based on a past life regression but we soon learn he’s the dushman, he’s the enemy. Which then means, we should believe in the accuracy of a past life regression session. Geez, I wonder if that would fly in court, or if you’d be instantly relegated to a mental evaluation.

Maybe on paper the movie script could sound interesting and romantic but the execution of it all made it look borderline ridiculous, especially during moments when Karishma  pumped it  up with pathos, while shifting her lithe frame restless from one foot to the other – like a little canary in her cage.

I am not saying there weren’t redeeming moments. There were a few and they grabbed me and almost turned me into a believer,  just before something totally erratic and irrational would throw me out of the loop again. There were a few scenes that were very touching and brought me almost to tears.

The songs were lovely. The sets impressive. Some scenes were beautifully captured. On the overall, I disliked the movie just as much as I liked it. With no middle-ground.

At the end of the day, it was exactly what I had expected.

Watch it for the wonderful music, the breathtaking locations, the heartfelt moments. You will find something you can relate to,  just not in its entirety, maybe.



Written and directed by Vikram Bhatt

Karishma Kapoor as Sanjana

Rajneesh Duggal as Rohan

Jimmy Shergill

Divvya Dutta

Songs by Himesh Reshammiya, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shreya Ghoshal


I might not buy the DVD but I will buy the CD



I would like to add one word about the subtitles! :-)

proof-reading would be a good idea and also show them against a darker background, a half transparent mesh of sorts, something that doesn’t take away from the screen, no black bar but there should be a solution to make them more readable. White letters on a light background are just the pits..





3 thoughts on “Dangerous Ishq: over the top – with highlights

  1. to Ina: I do believe your review was the best thing about this film!!
    Tell me, do decision-makers in the Mumbai filmi world check your blogs? If they’re interested in distribution in US, they certainly could learn a lot by hearing your comments. Thanks ….McL

  2. Hmmm, sounds a bit disappointing. I was quite looking forward to this movie. But the music I’ve heard from it should be enough to make me enjoy it, even if it sounds like it won’t become a favorite.
    Glad I stumbled across this blog. I’ll be back!!

    • thanks for your comment. don’t listen to me or anyone else for that matter because everyone’s taste is different. We all relate to movies through our own experiences, that’s one of the beauties of story telling, may that be movies books art in general. this world would be the most boring place if we all liked the same things :-) thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you’ll come back and let me know how YOU liked the movie.

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